Avral URLchopper 1.0

Avral URLchopper 1.0: Accelerates site navigation in Internet Explorer. Save time, reduce stress. Productivity add-on for Internet Explorer. Saves time and reduces stress caused by typing and mouse movement required for navigating Web sites. Allows the user to go very quickly up one level or directly to the top level of the current URL. This is especially valuable when you are browsing Internet search results or exploring new sites in a business or research project.

Acritum Exif2htm 1.074: Converts EXIF metadata taken from photo files to nice HTML tables or TXT files.
Acritum Exif2htm 1.074

Exif2htm is a powerful tool allowing you to generate nice and fully customizable HTML tables and webalbums using EXIF metadata taken from JPEG and TIFF files. This information includes date and time when the photo was taken, aperture value, shutter speed, ISO, flash state, focal length and other camera settings. Exif2htm is also capable of generating simple TEXT files and comma-separated CSV files, which are compatible with Microsoft Excel.

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Resource Standard Metrics C C++ C# Java 7.75: Source code and software metrics for C, C++, C# and Java.  SLOC, LOC, FP
Resource Standard Metrics C C++ C# Java 7.75

allows RSM to integrate seamlessly into Visual Studio, Kawa and other IDE`s. RSM utilizes a license file and configuration file on start up. The configuration file allows the user to customize the degree of source code analysis. RSM typically takes run-time switches allowing the user to customize the desired output. RSM creates HTML reports for Visual Metrics that interacts with source code hyperlinks and CSV or comma separated value format for direct

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EBP Business Plan Designer 3.0: Design the future of your business quickly and easily.
EBP Business Plan Designer 3.0

The EBP Business Plan Designer provides you with easy to use tools to create your business plan quickly. Our clean and intuitive layout allows you to enter basic costs and sales data to create the financials that a potential investor will be looking for. In addition we guide you through the chapters of a business plan allowing you to tell the story of why your product or service will succeed using the financial data as support.

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Acronis True Image Enterprise Server 9.1: Real-time disk backup, disk imaging, and bare metal restore for Windows servers
Acronis True Image Enterprise Server 9.1

allows you to perform a full system, bare metal, or individual file and folder restore. Complete system restoration can be performed to an existing system, to a new system with different hardware or to a virtual machine. With Acronis Drive Snapshot technology you can back up without interrupting server operation New features: Acronis Backup Server — allows IT administrators to establish backup policies Acronis Universal Restore — Restores to

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Acronis True Image Corporate Workstation 9.1: Complete disk imaging, system disk backup & bare-metal restore for workstations
Acronis True Image Corporate Workstation 9.1

allowing IT administrators to establish backup policies Acronis Universal Restore — Restores to different hardware and recovers from any unforeseen event (note: requires a separate add-on license) Boot from an image, using Acronis Snap Restore™ (a patent pending technology) — Decrease downtime by allowing systems to be used during a recovery 64 bit Windows support — Use one application for both new and old systems Remote unattended restores

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Instan-t 5.0: Instan-t IM messenger communicates with MSN, AOL, Gtalk,Yahoo!, ICQ and Instan-t
Instan-t 5.0

This IM software offers several unique features, such as its skin technology, its multi-person chat with voice and video that allows you to chat with users from multiple IM networks in the same chat room, and its email signature integration that allow your email recipients to see your online status and start chatting with you without downloading any software.

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